Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle, known as the myocardium, usually caused by viral infections. The family purchases Lallybroch as their family home. Jamie's grabs for his pistols until he realizes the man is Roger. Claire tells her that she promised Frank twenty years ago when Brianna was born to let her believe he was her father while he lived. He also tells her the story of his marriage to Wakyo'teyehsnonhsa and the death of their daughter, for which he blames himself, and Brianna comforts him. He asks if she'll go with him; she declines. Has a talent for drawing and painting, a talent she got from her grandmother, When Roger first meets Brianna he thinks that she reminds him of a. Claire asks Brianna to assist her in treating Roger's infected foot, and she's appalled to find out her mother is using maggots to debride the dead tissue. She demands to know more about Bonnet, and he tells her that he was taken in Cross Creek and charged with numerous crimes and condemned to hang next week in Wilmington. In late November, when it becomes clear that Brianna is pregnant while unmarried, Jamie wants Ian to marry her for her child's sake. He shows no remorse and tells Brianna if she expects to get back the jewels, she's too late. She says if she can't have Roger, she'll have no one. The bab… Now, officially, Jamie didn’t become a dad until Season 2, when their daughter Faith was born. Roger escorts Brianna around the battle site, explaining various things and giving her a history of the place. The attempt is partially thwarted by Brianna when she knocks Murchison unconscious. Inside the church, Roger and Brianna kiss for the first time and then hear a scream from outside. She asks the man where he got it, and he says he's too busy playing cards, but she agrees to go to his ship, the Gloriana, the next day. Outside, she angrily asks what he's up to and who was that woman in the photograph? OUTLANDER star Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser, has previously hinted more time travellers could arrive on Fraser's Ridge in season six. Voyager She doesn't look at them right away, rather watches Roger sing for a while, shivering at the song about the Battle of Prestonpans knowing that her parents were there, and it was her father who led the charge and not Prince Charlie. Incentives the television is working properly, they watch the moon landing together and among the cheers, Brianna turns and kisses Roger. Ian tries to comfort his cousin, saying they didn't kill Roger, although they did mean to, and he'd even had his pistol pressed against his head, but didn't pull the trigger because he felt it was Jamie's right to kill him. With tears in his eyes he tells her that he’s always thought of her as his wee bairn, Scottish for baby. She asks him if it was true Jenny saw Claire's "fetch" at Jamie's wedding to Laoghaire and Ian confirms she did, but by then it was too late to stop the match. He continued to take her to practice shooting, with a pistol, rifle and shotgun well into her teens. Jeremiah Fraser MacKenzie (son)Amanda MacKenzie (daughter) Despite the cold weather and a warm fire and brandy in the library, Lord John gallantly agrees. One day when Brianna was seven, Claire was late coming home to relieve the babysitter. She asks her father why, and he said he meant to kill him, but stopped Ian because it seemed too easy a death. Physical information Brianna and Roger begin reading the letters left to them by Claire and Jamie. Brianna has a close relationship with her mother, though it was tested when Claire revealed the truth about Brianna's paternity. Brianna declares Laoghaire's words hogwash and calls her a murderess, and recounts to them Claire's story about how Laoghaire tried to kill Claire by telling her Geillis Duncan was sick, knowing they were going to arrest Geillis and if Claire was there, they'd take her as well. Bree feels herself lost in a sea of uncertainty, not knowing if Roger was alive, and if he was would he desert her or stand by her even though he hated her. He tells her that Fiona Graham and her fiancé Ernie Buchan are buying the manse because it has the room for kids. She says she knows he meant well, but she has to wait for Roger. She was hit by a slow-moving car, and Claire decided to quit her program so she could care for Brianna full-time. ', One day cashmere sale! [17] Bonnet then takes Brianna to Ocracoke, where he intends to sell her. “What do you want here, lassie?” “You.” When he brushes her off, she tells him, “My name is Brianna.” Wariness turns to hope, then amazement and then great tenderness on Heughan’s expressive face. He admits he doesn't know, but if a man and woman live together for some time, they are considered married by common law and handfasting would fall within that class. Putting great trust in Brianna, Ian then asks her whether he should stay on the Ridge or go back to the Mohawk to his ex-wife. Outlander, the Starz series based on Diana Gabaldon's book series, is on to its fifth season, with a season 6 (and hopefully more!) She encounters her cousin Young Jamie, and she introduces herself as Brianna Fraser, daughter of Jamie Fraser. Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser MacKenzie is the second daughter of Claire and Jamie Fraser. Spoilers ahead for Outlander Season 4, Episode 5. As the water reaches his neck, Brianna shoots him in the head.[19]. Bree thinks she shouldn't have let him come, but when he sees her and smiles, she rushes toward him for a big hug and kiss. She realizes that Jamie would be as ruthless with himself as anyone and wouldn't hesitate to do the same to her were it necessary. They part ways, and do not see one another for almost a year, by which time Brianna has given birth to a son who may be Roger's, but may also be that of Brianna's rapist. 6'0" (183 cm) “I’m grateful to him.” Because of the war in Scotland, “I had to give you to him. He leads her outside to the river and lays John on the bank with the flames from the warehouse behind them lighting the area. Grey waits outside as Brianna confronts the condemned Bonnet, revealing her pregnancy and telling him that he is the father. When Brianna reached school age, her mother started medical school. Jamie asks Claire where she got it, and Brianna tells him she gave it to her mother. A Florida school is reeling after losing two teachers. Claire says never, and Brianna reminds her Claire told her she hated her before she was born. It is the last that worries Bree. Finally, they marry. Jamie turns to Claire in a lovely, typical parental exchange as he wonders how to bond with her. She realizes they love him and were happy for him. Months later, and after a long sea voyage, Roger finds Brianna in Wilmington in 1769, and she is at once overjoyed and disturbed to see him, believing that Roger's presence in the 20th century would have been her assurance of being able to return, by using him as a focal point. RELATED: Outlander: Jamie v Frank: Who Was Better For Claire? Terri Conneran thought her asthma symptoms were getting worse. Sophie Skelton, a relative newcomer, will play Claire and Jamie’s daughter, Brianna. There are secrets crowding into the little cabin on Fraser’s Ridge that will eventually threaten the family’s happiness. Claire suggests Brianna draw Roger, and she does. He tells her it's Geillis Duncan and asks if that was something her mother thought up. When Bonnet attempts to kidnap Brianna's son Jemmy in Wilmington, Brianna shoots him in the groin, which Claire later learns resulted in the loss of one of his testicles. Near Samhain, the trio eats a quiet supper, knowing the time for Claire to leave them is quickly approaching. Brianna thinks that two hundred years from now, she will stand in the National Gallery of London and look at the same portrait. In 1769, Scotland, Brianna travels to Lallybroch wearing men's clothing. They get into a great fight, him saying he's thought of every eligible bachelor in the county before settling on Ian and is furious that Brianna would rather shame herself by bearing a child without a husband. Despite this, Claire encourages Roger to take her to visit Greg Edgars. Lord John arrives just in time for dinner and shall be Brianna's partner for dinner. Duncan also asks Jamie's permission to marry his aunt as he is her nearest kinsman. Jamie is in a constant glow, thrilled to finally meet his daughter, but shy around her. Lord John tells her that he cannot agree to her proposal and will not marry her, but he does put a ring on her finger and escorts her back to the house, so they can announce their engagement. She says it doesn't feel right to look for Jamie when Frank was her father. He's rattled by that, but assures her she'll be fine. While gathering plants in the woods with Claire, Brianna admits to her mother that she is two months pregnant. She says it's okay; it's just so Scottish, but she's glad to be there. Jamie puts on his glasses and tears up again looking at the daughter he’s never met. If they were to have a relationship, it had to be something they choose, not because of shared events. Roger recovers in the surgery of the new house while Brianna stays at the cabin. Brianna was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, to English expatriate parents Claire and Frank Randall. He says it's his father's name and the name he was christened with. Jenny tells Brianna her parents are in the Colony of North Carolina, not near any town, but Jamie writes every day and then will send it when he or Young Ian make the trip to Cross Creek. While living in Boston with her parents the family had at least two dogs. Roger tells her the Duke was called Butcher Billy, and the people of the Highlands are not very fond of him. Superficially they are not much alike – Brianna resembles Jamie so strongly in her looks and mannerisms that it's the first and sometimes only thing an observer notices – but both mother and daughter have a tendency to speak frankly, with little regard for social decorum or the personal comfort of their contemporaries. Now, Lotte Verbeek has … Doctors told her she had stage 3 cancer. Height Clan/Family He asks her to forgive Jamie, no matter what has happened, for her sake as well as his. He comforts her and sings her a lullaby he said he would have sung to her as a babe. Brianna did not know the story of her true parentage until after the man she had thought was her father, Frank Randall, had died and her mother took her to Scotland, where she told Brianna and Roger MacKenzie about her journey through time and her life with Jamie. The journal was published in Edinburgh in 1765, almost twenty years after Claire had left Jamie. Save up to 65 percent on cardigans, turtlenecks, crewnecks, and more. As she settles back into bed, she reflects that while Lord John always treats her with attention and respect, often with amusement and admiration, there was always something missing and that was his attraction to her as an attractive female. He’s been with Jamie and Claire from the beginning of their romance and he’s the only one who truly understands what a miracle it is to have their daughter with them. In Outlander season 5, Claire and Jamie Fraser's daughter Brianna Fraser gets married, and we have the exclusive Outlander photos from their wedding. She insists she's going to die and there's nothing he or her mother can do to stop it, especially without a hospital and medicines, that if something goes wrong all Claire can do is save the baby. Jamie says he's yet to see a bottle jump from the table to a man's lips all on its own. Jenny Murray immediately recognizes Brianna as Jamie's daughter, but before she can welcome her niece, they're interrupted by an indignant Laoghaire MacKenzie who came there when she heard about a rider resembling Jamie Fraser sighted in the district. The baby is startled at the noise, and Brianna picks him up barely recognizing Roger in his wild and filthy state, resembling his MacKenzie Viking ancestors more than ever. While helping Jamie and Marsali at the whisky clearing, young Germain Fraser chokes on a button and Brianna saves him with the Heimlich maneuver endearing Bree to Marsali. One day, a Highland regiment rides into the Gathering and Brianna asks Claire if they're friend or foe.