$20.99. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Ural 650 Gespann, Motorrad gebraucht kaufen oder verkaufen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! Add To Cart. Motorradmotor Ural 650 Ich verkaufe ,einen Ural 650 Motor .Überholt:-neue Lager -deutsche Kolbenringe, -deutsche Ventile, für bleifrei -Ventilführung,Drehschieber,Ölfilter neu Mit Lichtmaschine,Regler und einen Satz Krümmer( ohne Vergaser)Zum Motor gibt es eine neue orginal Kurbelwelle dazu.Anruf von 12:00 bis 20:00 UhrTelf. Matte black valve covers. Icecream and oysters. Germans and humour. Electric Starter Motor, Updated Design. Dnepr 650, Ural 650 and Ural 750 flywheels all have different tapers, so they're not interchangeable. Some things just don’t really go together. Akzeptieren. Today, Ural is still going strong at providing quality motorcycles with sidecars. Price $79.95 Set. Pin 7. $260.95. After the war ended, the Ural factory slowed production of military vehicles. Original russischer Kolben für 650er Modelle mit - gewölbten Kolbenboden- gerundeten Kolbenhemd- ohne Kolbenringefür alte 650er Modelle ... Mail: office@ural.at. Add To Cart. 7 Shares “Must not plough, MUST NOT PLOUGH!”; the Ural was barely able to suppress it’s traditional urges. EFI Spark Plug Wire. Or you can stick them on anything you want. Motorradmotor Ural 650. Fish and bicycles. Einfach. Andrew Jones Published on March 1, 2011 Tweet. Lokal. Historic vehicle taxation class. Ural M-67 Produced from 1973 to 1976, the M-67 was the first one to use 12 Volts electric equipment a Year 1975; Mileage 70,000 miles; Engine size 650 cc Price $74.95 Set. eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. We have modified the classic Urals with front and rear disc breaks and upgraded suspension for a smoother ride. Popular Products. Ural Decals and Patches. Share. Price $73.95 Set. ... Kolben 650, gewölbter Boden, gerundetes Kolbenhemd. Choose Options. Engine Oil Pan Gasket. Price: $4.95 each: 750 Valve Covers. :01759167341 By the late '50s, the company separated from the government. Ural tank and sidecar badges. Add To Cart. Ural Motorcycles, the world's leading maker of off-road ready sidecar motorcycles, featuring our legendary on-demand 2 wheel drive. All Retro valve covers. Has been garaged since purchase and registration in 2019. Brake Pedal Riser for Carbureted Models. $19.99. Available in black, gold, or silver, or white for Retro. Stock valve cover. 650er Teile, Motor und Getriebe. Good runner. The Red October model has a "Ural Retro" model sidecar frame which has a lower center of gravity. č.: KMZ-8.155012-4/2-Q Sada vysoce kvalitních kroužků pro motory 650 OHV na 1 píst (2. výbrus). $21.99. A Russian Classic the Ural 650 Sidecar motorbike, imported into Vietnam from the former Soviet Union the Ural 650 is a solid beast for cursing the northern mountains of Vietnam or driving down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. It is in great condition and always kept garaged and maintained. First registered in the UK on 29/11/19. There wasn't a strong need and they began adding models for the commercial market. Choose Options ... Ural Cylinder Temperature Sensor, 2014+ $95.38. They stopped making military-grade vehicles. WhatsApp. 2010 Ural Ural , For Sale 2010 Ural Red October 1wd. Kroužky pístní Dněpr/Ural 650 OHV 78,50 (sada na 1 píst, TQ) Kat. Ural Sidecar 650 M76. The early Ural 650 electric starts used a bolt on starter ring similar to the one pictured. Bike has 17000 Km (about 10000 miles) on it. Saint Motor Company Ural 650 Racer.